Considering TOGAF Certification? Learn 5 Reasons Why You Need To Do It!

project managementWhat Exactly Is TOGAF?

TOGAF is a type of framework designed to use in architecture and is used to help improve the efficiency of the business.

The framework helps users to utilise resources by ensuring consistent methods are applied at all times and relies on using specific standards and communication across the board of professionals.

TOGAF has been approved by The Open Group, which is an accredited training course to help them become TOGAF certified in the field of architecture.

Among the industry leaders in architecture training, TOGAF is the centralised element to the portfolio. TOGAF Courses prepare the delegates for their exams and to pass them in a timely fashion to gain certification. TOGAF empowers businesses in upgrading their capabilities in architecture.

Obtaining TOGAF certification ensures the company has established itself in the top echelon in the field of architecture. Student’s learn how to demonstrate that they thoroughly comprehend and understand the means behind the various elements of structure and how they work together. They find out how to rearrange and develop the various aspects of architecture and heal any weaknesses.

And, if that’s not enough, TOGAF has more advantages to enhance the value to the organisation.

There are many factors that will help to improve the business and ensure that all staff are TOGAF certified. Here are 5 reasons why it’s wise to invest in TOGAF certification at the peak of architecture.

1. Growing Demand

One of the first reasons why TOGAF certification is important is that there is a growing demand for this certification. In the UK, which leads the world for TOGAF certification, accounts for 15% of all certifications. Within the two-year timeframe of 2013 and 2014, the number of certifications has grown exponentially, which translates to a nearly 50 percent increase. This should provide a birdseye view of how important this certification is in the UK. It has gained momentum and is fueled by more demand for professionals that are certified in TOGAF.

One of the factors in the growth is that more individuals are in the IT profession, along with other related sectors that are recognising the need for enterprise architecture and the required certification.

This, in turn, increases the prominence in the various aspects of business operations, so that factoring them into the business is critical in both the immediate as well as the long-term prospects of the technology.

It improves the statistics and ensures there is compliance across the board. For this reason, many companies are seeking TOGAF certified employees. Taking the first step to this certification gives potential employee’s a better chance of being hired and retained by top companies in the industry.

2. Common Dialect

Those professionals who have taken the time and the education to become certified in TOGAF already speak a common dialect. They share a community of knowledge and expertise in the field of technology. Having this leading edge is tantamount to being able to be the top in their field and vital to encourage the IT growth as well as the enterprise architecture. Utilising these skills and expertise is tantamount to enhancing their managerial skills and abilities.

TOGAF offers them a new innovative way to improve their company. Mastering the language as well as the school of thought will go far in helping these teams improve. It gives them the ability to lead their teams successfully and improve their business to meet the needs of the community. This translates into an effective leadership as well as management.

3. Improve Company Demands

Another important focus for TOGAF is to educate your company to better meet the demands and needs of goal settingthe organisation in a timely fashion.

Practically speaking, this means examining the IT budget expenditures as well as the isolating locations where spending isn’t being effective or efficient. Additionally, TOGAF will show where the teams might be able to work better together as a whole. Combining all of this vital information, you’ll have the necessary skills to improve the operations of the business in a fluid means.

This is by far the one part of the TOGAF that has an impact on your business. As your company gains momentum and the ability to see the business as a whole, it reflects the power of streamlining the business and improving the efficiency among the various departments. TOGAF certified improves the organisation by adding in a simplifier that will reorganise and streamline the focus of the business to show greater insight on a daily basis.

4. Clients, Employers, And Coworkers Gain Trust

Of courses, now that you know the uniqueness of the TOGAF certification, you’ll appreciate how it gives the company momentum and thrust forward. It showcases your personal ability as well as your organization. It’s widely recognized globally and ensures that you’ve gained a higher level of trust from clients, employers, and of coworkers. The certification says it all. You’ve worked to improve your skills and are among the elite of the business.

5. Future Investments

As you improve and increase your net worth to the organisation with your new certification, you’ll be able to anticipate pay raises and even more promotions. The average salary for someone who is TOGAF future investmentscertified in the UK is £70,000 per year.

That, combined with the demand for growth, ensure that this is only going to improve over the course of time. The need for more TOGAF certified individuals is going to increase and there will be more jobs available as time goes on.

TOGAF shows the person is professional and at the pinnacle of expertise in the field of architecture. There’s no need to chase out the other certifications once this one is obtained. You’ve got it all at your fingertips.

TOGAF is perhaps the most sought-after certification in the enterprise of architecture. Many professionals are seeking it out and working towards the return on their investment for their TOGAF certification. It’s versatile and will improve any business that has incorporated it into their employee’s.

It will greatly improve the functionality of the business, the efficiency and the career possibilities of the employer as well as the employee.

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